I am using DW745 for more than a couple of years and I still have no complain about this product. It is highly efficient in terms of performance and reliability. It incorporates very powerful motor which works very well and never got stuck while cutting several types of things. It is highly efficient machine which cuts wood and several other materials with high degree of ease. I never faced any technical fault in DW745 and I am just using it to perform my tasks without getting bothered. It’s a light weight which has a total weight of 45 pounds and you can easily move it to new location without any help from someone else. I used only one hand to pick it up and move to new location.

Overview of DEWALT DW745 Table Saw

Following is the brief overview of the various features associated with DW745. I’ll urge you to read this overview carefully so that you can better evaluate the capabilities of this product and you can make better decision with respect to purchasing it.

Great Working: It possesses terrific fence design which tremendously facilitates cutting as per your requirement. It incorporates pinion fence with rack which make it possible to adjust the fence quickly in a much efficient and desirable way.

High Rip Capacity:It has twenty inch rip capability which is sufficient in most cases. It provides tool free adjustment thus making it possible to work faster with high degree of ease.

Efficient Guard System:DW745 has modular guard system which helps a lot in protecting fingers and hands while working.

Base: It has a base made up of Metal roll cage which is surely stronger and durable than that of plastic base.

Motor: DW745 has 15 Amp powerful motor which enables the blades to spin at the maximum speed of 3,850 rotations per minute thus enabling the cutting process a lot more quick and efficient.

Portability: Because of the light weight and smaller size, it’s very easy to carry it to new location. The fence rails retract thus increasing the portability even further.

Warranty: It comes with three years warranty hence providing you another reason for trusting this product.

Fence Design: Due to the presence of pinion fence rails and rack, it’s very easy to adjust the fence in much short time with high degree of accuracy.

Various Pros and Cons of DEWALT DW745 Table Saw


  • Strong and durable base of metal roll cage
  • Light weight
  • Powerful motor
  • Fantastic fence design
  • Fast and accurate cutting
  • Highly portable
  • Three year warranty
  • Can be carried with single hand
  • High efficiency
  • Tool free and easy adjustment


  • A bit expensive
  • Poor customer support

What Other Customers Are Saying About DEWALT DW745 Table Saw?

Before making any decision regarding the purchase of a product, it is always extremely helpful to read more and more reviews about that product so that you can get benefit from other people’s experience regarding its use. After reading various reviews related to DW745, you’ll find out that most of the people are highly satisfied with its performance and consistency and they are writing reviews in its favor with full confidence. Also, feedback score is a terrific indicator of the overall customer opinion about the product. If you look at the feedback score of DW745, then you’ll see that it has a feedback score of 4.6 out of 5 and any product that has a feedback score of 4 or more, is often termed as highly recommended product.


I strongly recommend this product because I personally used this product for a couple of years and I am highly satisfied with its performance.