This model comes in the market with not only its laser quality but with great power of facing the woods. This unit is full of accuracy and precision as compared to other units in the market. Its capacity is much greater than the table saw. In short it is the best piece of unit for those who are engaged in wood cutting business or those who love wood crafting.

Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw With Laser Features And Specifications

There are so many features and specification in Rockwell laser saw that differentiates it from other types of saw. Some of these specifications are given below to increase the how about this product.

Deepness Of Cut:

Those saw are good whose cut goes very deep in the heart of woods. Rockwells RK7241s table saw with laser can go down in the heart of four by four piece of wood. This is a big shot for any saw. At the angle of ninety its depth capacity is three to nine by sixteen and at the angle of forty five its depth capacity is two to nine by sixteen.

Rip Cut Capacity:

If you are going to buy any new saw it is important to consider its rip capacity. Another best feature of RockwellRK7241S Table Saw is that its rip capacity is considerably very high. It can cut down a four by eight sheet of limber of wood. This is possible because it has table of thirty inches that is right next to blade. With a very low power of 15 amps and speed equals to 4800rpm this saw is able to handle extra-large projects of wood. This means you can even use it for professional purposes.

Laser Cut Line:

Precision of cut line is really what matters a lot while cutting big logs of wood or doing any crafting on small pieces of wood. This model of table saw comes in the market with the technology of laser guide. Laser guide helps in improving the accuracy of cut lines and its consistency. It indicates a sign where blade is needed to cut down the line of log. Alignment of blade while doing a bevel cuts is a difficult act. But in this laser type saw laser makes the arrangement of blades by assigning the right place to the blades with its indication. This means there are no or limited chances of error.

Easy Transport:

Another best quality is its moving table. You can easily move it with tires wherever the place you want to do your work. Assembling of this unit is very easy. There is not much effort needed to assemble it. Even an ordinary person with limited technical knowledge can assemble all its parts. When you will move this saw then every other necessary thing like push stick, bag for dust, wrenches, blades and all other things will automatically roll with the machine very easily.

Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw With Laser Pros And Cons


  • Great power
  • Versatile in job
  • Higher speed
  • More cutting capacity
  • Cut lines indication
  • Rolling table
  • Easy to use


  • Problem of blade alignment with miter slots

What Customer Says?

When I looked at customer reviews it was like every customer was really happy with the working of Rockwell laser saw. This saw really Rock in the field of cutting woods and solving the problem of choosing new saw every time old ones get wrecked to their crafts man customers.


After reading all the customer reviews and its features, this saw really attracted me and I added it in my buying list. If you are a kind of woody man who like to spend his leisure time working with wood or you are a professional than you must buy this saw.